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X+ Vickyboard Ergonomic Cross-radial Keyboard Description

Introducing…. A visually exciting way to start a better, healthier, and faster typing experience is finally here. What’s the problem with 99% of keyboards today? If you do a lot of typing on a regular keyboard, you know that you need frequent breaks to release the strain that you constantly feel on your wrists and forearms. The linear layout forces awkward angles, leading to discomfort and potential long-term issues like RSI (repetitive strain injury). In contrast, ergonomic keyboards are a relief. The design aligns with the body’s natural posture, alleviating strain. If you want comfort, an ergonomic keyboard is your best bet. The split layout, the relaxed hand angles, adjustable features are a game-changer, allowing for a more relaxed hand position. This translates to less strain on my wrists and forearms, even during marathon typing sessions. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s guaranteed to provide a tangible difference that you can feel immediately. Opting for an ergonomic keyboard is like investing in your own health, and it’s a choice you will be glad to make. WHY DO YOU NEED AN ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD TODAY? Repetitive tasks like typing for extended periods of time take a toll on your muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves, particularly around your wrists. This is called Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and is common among people using computers. It can be extremely painful for days, weeks, and even months. The sooner you act to prevent  this from happening, the better. Our VickyBoard Solution Let us introduce you to the VickyBoard! The V shaped ergonomic keyboard. Designed for seamless hand alignment that comes in a variety of vibrantly exciting colors, VickyBoard revolutionizes your typing experience. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace effortless productivity. Glide through tasks with reduced strain and fatigue. Elevate your workday with this game-changing keyboard. Elevate your typing experience today. Your hands will thank you. HOW DIFFERENT IS IT TO BE TYPING ON THE VICKYBOARD? A regular keyboard maintains a standard linear layout, often causing hand and arm strain due to the straight-rows design, forcing the hands into unnatural positions. In contrast, the VickyBoard is meticulously crafted with a contoured V layout, aligning with the body’s natural posture. It promotes a more relaxed hand position, reducing muscle tension and minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. This design enhances comfort during extended typing sessions, absolutely perfect for those seeking a more comfortable and sustainable typing experience.   Our Design Philosophy VickyBoard was designed with three criteria in mind: Enhancing the comfort and ergonomics of the keyboard Limiting the learning curve for our new layout Creating an attractive design Every decision we made was to fulfill one of these criteria. Here’s what we came up with: ADDITIONAL CENTER KEYS Cross-Radial Design The most noticeable and unique feature of VickyBoard is certainly its key layout. The key columns are angled to promote a more natural angle for our wrists. Moving the ENTER, Backspace, SHIFT and ALT keys into the center of the keyboard achieves two things: First, it limits stress on the pinky, our weakest finger. The thumb is very underused on traditional keyboard layouts so repositioning these keys utilizes it without adding undue stress. Second, it makes these keys much easier to reach. On traditional typewriters these keys didn’t exist, had limited functionality, or had completely different functions. They were simply tacked onto the side of the keyboard. Making these keys easier to reach allows you to get more done when you’re typing and reduces the need to move your whole hand to reach a key – one of the most fatiguing acts in typing. We think it looks pretty cool too.   DESIGNED FOR SPEED AND COMFORT CENTER-LOCATED ADDITIONAL KEYS Having additional Enter, Ctrl, Shift, and Backspace keys placed right between the split letter characters allow for faster keyboard control. These extra keys make it easier for the user to reach them with the left or right hand as they are placed in close proximity to both index fingers. Short learning curve Having the ENTER, Backspace, SHIFT and ALT keys at the center of the VickyBoard offers a significant amount of convenience. Firstly, it facilitates a balanced and symmetrical hand movement. Placing a separate set of ENTER, Backspace, Shift and Alt keys allows users to access it with equal ease using either hand. This prevents overexertion or strain on one hand, promoting a smoother typing experience. The separate set of centrally-located additional keys encourages a more natural hand alignment. By situating them at the midpoint, it aligns with the body’s natural midline. This positioning minimizes the need for awkward wrist angles or contorted hand positions. Such ergonomic considerations are crucial in maintaining a neutral wrist posture, reducing strain on the wrists and forearms over extended periods of typing. Additionally, this encourages touch-typing proficiency, users will develop a reliable muscle memory for this vital key. Typing speed and accuracy will be significantly improved. Understanding ergonomics has led us to having these extra keys  on a split keyboard significantly contributes to a healthier typing experience. It mitigates the risk of repetitive stress injuries, providing sustained comfort during prolonged typing sessions. By optimizing hand placement and movement, it becomes an essential tool for those prioritizing ergonomic well-being in their computing activities. WHY ARE THERE NO F KEYS? Omitting F keys on the VickyBoard offers notable advantages. Firstly, it creates a sleek, space-saving design. This not only enhances aesthetics but also conserves desk space, providing a more organized and uncluttered workspace. This streamlined V layout promotes a more natural typing experience. By bringing the main typing area closer to the user, it reduces the need for uncomfortable reaching or stretching. The absence of F keys perfectly caters to those who value efficiency, ergonomics, and a clean, minimalist keyboard layout. A BOLD AND EXCITING STATEMENT ON YOUR DESKTOP The styling on the VickyBoard’s layout is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it enhances comfort and reduces strain during typing sessions. The contoured and split design of VickyBoard aligns with the natural position of the hands and wrists, minimizing awkward angles

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